How to connect Unifi Talk to Wiretap Telecom

This is a quick guide on how to connect Unifi Talk to Wiretap Telecom


You will need ports 5060 (SIP,UDP) and 10000-20000 (RTP,UDP) Free On Your Network

  1. You will need to submit a helpdesk ticket to have a registration based sip trunk created on your account.
  2. Assign the desired numbers to the trunk in the Wiretap Telecom Portal, select Route To: Sip Trunk, select Route From:
  3. In the Unifi Talk Controller, Navigate to Settings -> Sip Setup
  4. Select "Add Additional SIP Provider"
  5. Set the Provider Name as: Wiretap Telecom
  6. Add the following custom fields
    1. proxy
      username *username provided with registration trunk*
      auth-username *username provided with registration trunk* 
      password *password provided with registration trunk*
      register true
      expire-seconds 1800
  7. Select "Handle all outgoing calls by default"
  8. Enter your telephone numbers in the following format: +1XXXXXXXXXX via manually typing them in, or importing a text file
  9. Add the following IP's in the ACL
  10. Click "Save"
  11. Assign your telephone numbers to your phones, switchboards, or groups  and service should now be working
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